Why Task Based Learning?

Conditions for language learning

To a rich but comprehensible input of real spoken and written language in use

Of the language to do something’s (i.e. exchange meanings)

To listen and read the language and to speak and write (i.e. to process and use the exposure)

In language (i.e. chance to focus on form

What is task?
A task is an activity where the target language is used by the learner for a communicative purpose (goal) in order to achieve an outcome”

Type of task
1. Listing
– brainstorming
– fact-finding
Completed list or draft mind map
2. Ordering and sorting
– sequencing
– ranking
– categorizing
– classifying
Set of information order and sorted according to specified criteria

3. comparing
– matching
– finding similarities
– finding differences
Could be items appropriately matched or assembled, or the identification of similarities and/or differences

4. Problem solving
– analyzing real situations
– analyzing hypothetical situations
– reasoning
– decision making
Solutions to the problem, which can then be evaluated.

5. Sharing personal experiences
– Narrating
– Describing
– Exploring and explaining attitudes, opinions, reactions
Largely social.

5. creative task
– brainstorming
– fact-finding
– ordering and sorting
– comparing
– problem solving and many others
End product which can be appreciated by a wider audience.

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